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The Frontline Force

“No two days are the same here. It’s extremely fast-paced and challenging,” James Sutherland, Service Delivery Manager.

Almost 7000 miles apart, our three contact centres work extremely hard to keep things ticking over.

Who you gonna call?

If you’re a retailer and need some support or advice, the team in Manila, Philippines will come to the rescue. The centre is “home to the financial and general query helpline team. They’re on hand to offer our merchants help and advice on transactions, seven days a week from 8am until late in the evening,” says Gary Dinnell, Head of Payment Acceptance Servicing. The team in Manila receive 180,000 calls a year.

James Sutherland

Have you ever made a card payment where the retailer has had to make a phone call to authorise it, perhaps for a large amount or in another country? Our Contact Centre team in Noida near Delhi, India, are at the other end of the phone helping with all aspects of the authorisation service . They help merchants clear transactions, check addresses, or cancel authorised payments. They also act as a referral centre for other authorisation centres worldwide, where a Barclaycard or Barclays card payment has been referred for manual authorisation outside the UK. The team are on hand 24 hours a day every day, taking over 400,000 calls a year.

What about when it all goes wrong? When a merchant’s card machine isn’t behaving as it should, it’s our UK Contact Centre who will help them fix the problem. The team support 95,000 Global Payment Acceptance (GPA) customers, work seven days a week, and will pick up the phone from 8am – midnight.

Customer service team

More than just a chatterbox

Competitive, collaborative and energised, our contact centre agents are purely focused on their customers. And it’s not just about the calls. They’re clued up on technology and are always looking for ways to make things more efficient, so our customers can spend more time with their customers. For instance, there’s a forum that meets each month to discuss and resolve product, process and practice challenges. And the Customer Experience teams have recently ventured into the realm of YouTube videos, designed User Installation Guides and developed website support for customers who are happy to self-solve.

Helen Lacey

“My friends are sick of hearing me say ‘That’s one of our card machines’ when paying for something! You’re so clued up on the technology that you really can’t turn it off.” Aidan McKeown, Customer Service Adviser

Always on their game

Part of what makes our call centre agents unsung heroes is that they thrive on tough yet achievable service targets. Our colleagues feel empowered that they can make a real difference to a customer’s life in a matter of minutes. That’s what some would call a real sense of job satisfaction.

Customer service adviser