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Marc Pettican

From our very first meeting with The Logic Group’s leadership team, the partnership felt right. The direction we wanted to take and our core values matched almost perfectly.

From a business point of view, the Logic Group brings a range of new capabilities that will make a big difference for Barclaycard’s customers, like the ability to process transactions from multiple points of sale – be that in store, online or mobile – on a single platform.

In return, Barclaycard gives the Logic Group access to a wider range of multinational companies and SMEs.

It’s a clear win-win for everyone – and especially for our customers.

The two companies are learning a lot about each other in a very short space of time, and the welcome I’ve had from the team has been phenomenal.

Before joining The Logic Group, I spent a number of years in Barclaycard’s Global Payment Acceptance business, where I was responsible for European Corporate Sales and Account Development. I worked from Northampton, where I live, and London. 

There’s a lot of hard work ahead, but a huge amount of fun too

Now I’ve partly relocated to Fleet in Hampshire, where The Logic Group has its head office, from Monday to Thursday. My work-life balance is really important, so I make sure I get home on a Thursday night in time to read a bedtime story to my children. And I make the most of my weekends.

It’s going to be a very exciting couple of years. Everyone’s eager to make full use of the capabilities, but we have to lay the right foundations first.

There’s a lot of hard work ahead, but a huge amount of fun too. Barclaycard is growing as a business and The Logic Group will play a very important part in its future.