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Post Room Boom

Wed May 04 11:30:00 EDT 2016

Corporate post rooms are set for a bumper week this week after 17.1 million British shoppers said they planned to spend more than usual online over the Bank Holiday weekend.

With 40 per cent of people saying they now regularly use their professional address as a personal PO Box, those working in post rooms across the corporate world could expect deliveries of nearly double the usual 3 million parcels and packages they receive a day.

With a fifth of (21%) of shoppers saying their online retail habits have doubled or tripled in the last three years, the shopper insight data from Barclaycard also reveals:

• Almost one in ten now get a daily delivery sent to their work address (8%) 

• Brits still love their books - with books being the number one online purchase they have sent to the office (47%)

• More men (33%) than women use their professional address as a way of hiding purchases from a partner 

• Metro Men - a fifth of men admit to getting make-up delivered to work (20%)

• Desk snacks – one in ten even get their weekly shopping delivered to work (12%)

• Nottingham shoppers are the most click happy with 29% getting daily deliveries sent to work. 

As well as volume, corporate post rooms are now having to deal with packages of all shapes and sizes being sent to work, with some of the strangest personal deliveries including: live animals (cats and dogs), an axe, a unicycle, an inflatable zimmerframe and even a car – which would be challenging for even the biggest of company post rooms to accommodate!

On the flip side, it seems that there are certain items that Brits are just too embarrassed to have delivered to work, with 1 in 5 of us saying that we’d never dream of getting lingerie (21%) or weight loss products (18%) delivered to work for fear of embarrassing ourselves in front of work mates.

British shoppers now spend more than £100 billion online every year , with the weekend - Saturday afternoon and Friday and Sunday evenings in particular - the most popular time for consumers to indulge in online retail therapy. In fact, our preference for online ordering has helped boost the size of the UK parcel market to almost £9bn , leading our corporate mail rooms to increasingly act as our private post offices.

The growth in personal shopping deliveries to work places can also be attributed to the rise in urban living, with 16% of respondents saying they no longer have a private letter box. Half of all respondents (51%) say they can’t take the time off work to go to a collection office if they miss a delivery.

The post room in Barclaycard’s head offices in Northampton is itself one of many that has experienced the explosion of online shopping now delivered to staff, with the number of parcels delivered daily to its workforce doubling in the last year alone.  

Marc Pettican, Managing Director at Barclaycard, said:

“We all love the speed and ease of shopping online and this is especially true over the Bank Holiday weekend when we’ve got an extra day to shop. There’s no denying how handy it is to get our deliveries sent to the work place, so much so that people working in post rooms will likely be feeling quite rushed off their feet, as we anticipate a busy week ahead. With online shopping continuing to increase in popularity, this post room boom looks here to stay.”


The top 10 list of deliveries sent to work included:


  1. Books (47%)

  6. Housewares (26%)

  2. Electricals (46%)

  7. Toys (25%)

  3. Clothing (37%)

  8. Toiletries (15%)

  4. Music (28%)

  9. Flowers (14%)

  5. Makeup (26%)

  10. Weekly shopping (12%)

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