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Brits to spend £1.45 billion on culinary gadgets

Kitchen fast becoming the ‘gadget hub’ of the home

Mon Aug 04 09:00:00 EDT 2014

  • We spent £1.45 billion on culinary gadgets over the last year alone, buying an incredible 34 million kitchen items
  • The Great British Bake Off is our no 1 cooking show, inspiring nine million of us to get into the kitchen
  • Jamie Oliver is our favourite TV chef
  • British kitchens contain over 163 million culinary gadgets

Research released today by bespoke offers – the deals website from Barclaycard - reveals that our love of TV cookery shows means the kitchen is fast becoming the ‘home’ of the gadget, with Brits spending more than £1.45 billion* on over 34** million culinary devices in the last year.

Cup cakes

British kitchens now house an incredible 163 million gadgets - an average of seven per kitchen – and it seems the rise of the celebrity chef and the advent of popular cooking shows are the main reasons for us donning our aprons and heading to the kitchen shop.  Nine million of us have been inspired to get cooking through watching The Great British Bake Off; seven million from being glued to Masterchef; and six million through Jamie Oliver’s Money Saving Meals.

As The Great British Bake Off returns to screens this week, the bespoke offers research finds Mary Berry wins six per cent of the UK’s vote for ‘inspirational chef’, over master baker Paul Hollywood with two per cent.  

Mary and Paul are both beaten by Jamie Oliver, however, who takes the crown as the chef who most gets us cooking up a storm, with over 16 per cent of the population loving his cheeky style. He is followed by the ‘delicious’ Nigella Lawson and ‘nightmare’ Gordon Ramsay (each with six per cent of the vote).  Delia Smith, Heston Blumenthal and Gizzi Erskine are off the British menu, however, receiving only 5 per cent of the UK vote combined.

The survey findings indicate that we are a health conscious nation, with over a quarter of British households owning a steamer (27 per cent) or a George Foreman grill (26 per cent), followed by juicers (23 per cent) and smoothie makers (16 per cent).

Proving we can’t be good all the time, however, we are still investing in a number of ‘indulgent gadgets’ with 1.6million households owning an ice cream maker, 930,000 a popcorn machine, 70,000 a candy floss maker and 46,000 a cupcake maker.

Home cooked meals are still important to nearly a quarter of us, with 22 per cent of the population happily preparing the dinner every night of the week. This is reflected in the type of kitchen gadgets owned, with 45 per cent of households owning a hand blender, 37 per cent a slow cooker, 23 per cent a magimix and 20 per cent a bread maker.

And proving that our love for tea and toast still holds strong; 83 per cent of households own a kettle and 77 per cent a toaster.

bespoke offers has compiled a list of the top ten most desired kitchen gadgets:

  1. Microwave 31%
  2. Kettle 24%
  3. Toaster 16%
  4. Coffee machine 13%
  5. Bread maker 10%
  6. Slow cooker 8%
  7. George Foreman Grill 7%
  8. Juicer 7%
  9. Smoothie maker 6%
  10. Candy floss machine 3%

David Herrick, Managing Director of bespoke offers, said: "As someone whose kitchen is the central room in the home, it’s great to see that so many of us are cooking - and baking - up a storm.  Kitchen gadgets are clearly an integral requirement of the modern kitchen – helping keen chefs avoid ‘soggy bottoms’ and become star bakers!

“Our survey demonstrates that as a nation we all have different culinary desires, from the health conscious smoothie lover, to the sweet toothed cupcake baker, and at bespoke offers we have a fantastic range of great value kitchen gadgets to guarantee everyone their perfect match.”

Gadget lovers who would like to find out what’s on offer should visit www.bespokeoffers.co.uk

Notes to editors:

The survey was carried out by One Poll, on behalf of bespoke offers, and ran from the 24th – 28th July 2014.  The number of respondents: 2,000 adults.

*Based on ONS 2011 census information reporting 23,400,000 million homes (or households) in England and Wales

**Based on ONS Population Estimates for over 18’s in UK, England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, Mid-2012 (50,175,746)