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‘Barclaycard Anything’ allows Britons to turn everyday items into contactless ways to pay

01 Apr 2015 00:01

  • New ‘Barclaycard Anything’ service will enable the public to transform their everyday items into ways to pay by making them contactless-enabled
  • Wristbands and gloves have already been turned into contactless payment devices by Barclaycard as part of a year-long trial
  • Self-service ‘contactless activation kiosks’ to be set up across the country from this month

Barclaycard is today rolling out a brand new service – Barclaycard Anything – that will radically transform the way people pay for goods and services by allowing them to turn any of their belongings into a way to pay, using the same technology found in contactless cards.

Barclaycard Anything has been launched in response to a deluge of requests from customers wanting to turn their everyday objects into contactless ways to pay.

Barclaycard is the UK leader in contactless payment and has been piloting a range of wearable payment products over the last year. This has included contactless bPay wristbands; ‘tap and pay’ gloves that allowed people to pay for their Christmas shopping without the need to rummage around for their wallet; and the UK’s first ‘payment saddle’ that let parents pay for their child’s donkey ride on Blackpool Beach with just the tap of a card. 

Self-service ‘contactless activation kiosks’ will be set up across the UK and will allow the public to embed contactless chips into any of their personal belongings – turning anything from a favourite teddy bear, musical instrument or even a baby-carrier into a payment device. 

Like Barclaycard’s other recent initiatives, Barclaycard Anything is an ‘open market’ product, meaning the payment chips can be registered to any credit or debit card, making the service available to anyone, not just Barclaycard customers.

Last year Barclaycard launched ‘Barclaycard Anywhere’ to help thousands of small businesses take card payments wherever they are; ‘Barclaycard Anything’ has been designed to give consumers the same level of flexibility by being able to pay with any item they choose.

Katherine Whitton, Chief Marketing Officer at Barclaycard says:

“Since we made wristbands, gloves and donkey rides contactless last year we’ve been inundated with requests from customers asking us to make all sorts of things into a way to pay. We want to give consumers the ability to pay in the way they want so, with innovation at the core of our business, we’ve developed purpose-built kiosks where they can turn anything into a contactless payment device.

We're delighted to announce that, after a successful trial, we’re now launching nationwide and you'll start seeing our kiosks popping up in town centres near you.

“Contactless technology is the fastest, easiest and most secure way to make purchases for £20 and under. Who needs cash when you can buy a coffee using your favourite handbag, pay for your nappies using your baby’s pram or even grab a pint in the pub with your wedding ring?”

Barclaycard brought contactless payments to the UK back in 2007 and the popularity of contactless payment has grown exponentially ever since – 370 contactless transactions are now made every minute in the UK.

The background to the project is explained in this video.

Research conducted by Barclaycard suggests that gloves, rings and bracelets are likely to be the items most people make contactless.

Top five wearable payment items British shoppers would like to see created

1.  Gloves

2.  Ring

3.  Bracelet

4.  Handbag / Hat

5.  Scarf

There are 58 million contactless cards in circulation in the UK, a 52.2 per cent rise compared to December 2013. UK consumers used their contactless cards 319.2 million times last year, with 10 contactless transactions taking place every second, according to figures launched this year by the UK Cards Association. 

Notes to editors

Results of a survey commissioned for Barclaycard by One Poll, between 4th and 8th December 2014, amongst 2,000 respondents.

For more information please contact Tom Foxton, Public Relations Manager, Barclaycard, on 07880 184381.

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