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Press releases

Lack of payment technology is costing SME retailers £8.7bn

19 Jul 2017 04:00

Tech-savvy Brits are adopting and becoming increasingly reliant upon new ways to pay, but small businesses are struggling to keep up with changing consumer demands.

'Slashie' generation taking up paid hobbies

17 Jul 2017 08:30

New Barclaycard research shows the 'Slashie' generation are taking up a five-to-nine hobby that pays. View our research on Home.Barclaycard today.

Festivals offer new opportunities for merchants

17 Jul 2017 07:45

As "pop-up" commerce develops we look into the way festivals are offering new opportunities for merchants.

Consumer spending growth slows for second consecutive month in June

10 Jul 2017 19:01

Consumer spending growth slowed to a 15-month low of 2.5 per cent in June, as the rising costs of essentials prompted consumers to row back on some ‘nice-to-haves’. Read more...

SMEs more afraid of cybercrime than Brexit

30 Jun 2017 03:30

Small businesses shift from hiring experts in ‘traditional’ fields to taking on specialists for the digital world like cybersecurity and new payments technology.

Contactless now the favoured way to pay for British shoppers

19 Jun 2017 04:30

Data released by Barclaycard today as part of its quarterly Contactless Spending Index shows that ‘touch and go’ payments continue to surge in popularity with spending up by more than a third (34 per cent) since the turn of the year*.

Barclaycard launches marketing campaign showcasing its unique range of ways to pay

12 Jun 2017 06:00

Barclaycard launches a nationwide integrated marketing campaign to showcase ‘Pay Your Way’ by making paying speedy, simple and secure.

Consumer spending growth falls to 2.8 per cent in May 2017

05 Jun 2017 18:59

Consumer spending growth slowed to 2.8 per cent in May as overall confidence in household spending power cooled in response to inflation, which hit 2.7 per cent in April 2017.

Barclaycard launches new Channel 4 idents to inspire Brits to start something new

05 Jun 2017 04:00

Barclaycard is launching a new nationwide television idents campaign on Channel 4, to show consumers how easy it is to start something new by making a simple purchase.

Barclaycard trials new ‘queue-less checkout’ payment concept - grab+go

30 May 2017 12:15

Barclaycard has begun trialling a brand new payment concept that streamlines the way consumers buy low-value goods by allowing them to scan and pay for their shopping using their smartphone, without the need to visit a physical checkout.