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Introducing Barclaycard Anywhere

Barclaycard Anywhere allows merchants to take card payments wherever they are with a smart reader that plugs in to a smartphone or tablet.

16 Jul 2015 04:00

When it comes to taking payments, the choice for mobile traders is usually cash, cash or cash. We think it’s time for a change – cue Barclaycard Anywhere.

Street food sellers, mobile hairdressers, even buskers. Now they can all take card payments wherever they are with Barclaycard Anywhere, a smart little reader that plugs in to their smartphone or tablet. All they need is a mobile Internet signal.

Popular, choice

It’s a technology that’s likely to catch on, as shoppers ditch the cash and opt for the clean efficiency of chip and PIN, contactless and other mobile payment systems.

Young people in particular have embraced Barclaycard Anywhere, as they look to build on the mobility, flexibility and agility of their businesses. Customers really like it too, because they can pay in the way they choose. And if they don’t have cash, the trader won’t lose the sale. 

Familiar, secure and affordable

Barclaycard Anywhere is all about familiarity. Because it looks just like a card reader you’d find in a shop, customers already know how to use it. Plus, dealing directly with a bank promises security, and the Barclaycard logo offers extra reassurance. Producing a receipt has been made simple too – the merchant can have one texted or emailed to a customer. 

It’s all designed to help mobile traders create a slick customer experience, wherever they are. And with no rental fees besides a one-off set up cost and transaction fees of around 2%, we’ve also made Barclaycard Anywhere an affordable option for merchants big and small.

We love data

And so do our merchants especially for improving and growing their business. Paul Clarke, Director of Customer Solutions at Barclaycard, says: “The analytics are what make it different: the transaction history, geo-tagging data showing you and your customer where the transaction took place, product lists, customer lists, sub users – all great information for business customers.”

Barclaycard Anywhere. Any time, any place, anywhere.