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Payments and technology

More than moonlighting: How young workers are monetising their hobbies

12 Dec 2017 04:15

How millennials are using technology to take make money from their pastimes.

Invisible payments explained

10 Nov 2017 04:30

Ever wondered what an invisible payment is? Barclaycard explores the what, who and how of invisible payments and explains all.

The Barclaycard 'Fintectionary'

18 Sep 2017 10:30

Updated around four times a year, The Oxford English Dictionary has seen some rather interesting additions of late. From ‘bling’ and ‘bromance’ to ‘textspeak’ and ‘Twitterati’, modern language is evolving all the time.

Biometrics and the future of contactless

23 Aug 2017 05:00

Biometrics are changing the way we pay, from retina to vein scanners, we explore what the future of payments looks like

The fintech industry is thriving in the UK

05 Jul 2017 06:00

Financial technology or ‘fintech’ is growing, with fintech start-ups leading the charge with big innovations

Is Augmented and Virtual Reality shopping the future?

20 Jun 2017 07:00

We take a look at how the increasing investment in AR and VR tech could affect the way we shop and pay.

Five signs of the experience economy revolution

14 Jun 2017 08:00

Experiences as products. Paying for memories instead of things. That’s the experience economy, and it’s booming in the UK right now.

5 Alternatives to the Checkout

30 May 2017 09:00

We check out some of the alternatives to the traditional checkout, looking at invisible payments and the future of the wallet.

The companies fighting Dark Web fraud

24 May 2017 09:30

More effort than ever is going into stamping out fraud in the Dark Web right now. Find out what they are...

Connected cars: the latest in ‘drive-and-go’ payments

15 May 2017 06:30

A peek into the future of in-car payment realities and possibilities