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Ten things Brits would like to see go contactless

18 Oct 2017 11:00

From contactless cabs to tap-on-tap-off buses, take a trip with us through the latest touch-and-go travel updates…

Give and go: charities bring in contactless

03 Mar 2017 04:00

We take a look at the growing tendency to carry little or no cash, and how contactless payments are stepping up in place of cash transactions, even in places you might not expect.

Fintech that changed the game in 2016

04 Jan 2017 09:17

Join us as we review the movers and shakers of the technology world, which helped make life a little bit easier in 2016.

Infographic: The rise and rise of contactless payments

29 Nov 2016 13:09

Since the first contactless was introduced in 2007, contactless cards have exploded in popularity. But how far has contactless come, and how far does it have left to go? View this infographic...

What’s new in the world of contactless travel?

23 Nov 2016 08:35

From contactless cabs to tap-on-tap-off buses, take a trip with us through the latest touch-and-go travel updates…

How can payment innovations enhance the customer experience?

12 Oct 2016 08:00

Lengthy queues can cost retailers up to £1 billion in lost sales per year. We explore how new technology can combat this while helping to enhance a customer’s overall shopping experience.

Can boutique smartwatch companies stand the test of time?

06 Oct 2016 05:15

Will the smartwatch market mirror the smartphone market, dominated by major players like Apple and Samsung? Or will it look more like the traditional watch market, where small boutique watchmakers thrive alongside the big brands?

The fine line between utility and gimmicks for wearables

16 Sep 2016 04:00

Contactless technology may have started up as just an extra feature on your bank card, but now it’s on your mobile, in your clothes, built into jewellery, and pretty much anywhere else you can fit a tiny chip.

A window on your contactless world

15 Sep 2016 04:00

Contactless payments are frictionless— you just touch and go. It makes it possible to pay with a variety of objects, from phones to clothes. But with so many devices to pay with, how can you stay on top of what you’re spending? The answer is a single, transparent system that joins the dots and connects all your contactless devices.

The rise of contactless

08 Sep 2016 05:00

Clearly contactless has become a firm favourite for Brits so we’ve called out some record-breaking contactless stats to sum up the year so far.