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Barclaycard and Mondaine – a timely match

Loop, the newest member of the bPay family, teams up with Swiss watchmaker Mondaine so you can pay with the wave of a wrist

We’ve taken wearables to the next level with bPay Loop. An industry first, Loop is a small, seamless case containing a contactless chip that easily slips on to any watch strap or a fitness band.

Part of our bPay family, the chip is connected to a secure digital wallet and can make touch-and-go payments up to £30 wherever you see the contactless sign. Now our customers can add the magic of contactless to their favourite, fashion or fitness item, or they can invest in an exciting new piece of chic style and technology.

Enter Mondaine. Barclaycard partnered up with this iconic Swiss watch brand to sell a range of classic watches  alongside the new Loop.

We find out a bit more about the Mondaine perspective of this partnership by chatting to Colin Lee, Director of Sales.

Colin Lee

So tells us Colin, what part did you play in the Loop and Mondaine project?

Lots of parts! I run the timepiece division for Burton McCall Ltd, Mondaine UK Watch distributors, and I’ve been involved in the technology side of this partnership as well as the day-to-day running of this venture. We recently launched a new smart watch and ever since, we’ve been working to develop contactless payment technology for our watches in the UK. By partnering up with bPay Loop, we’ve transformed our watch straps into a fast and easy way to pay.

Mondaine watch

What was the inspiration to partner with Barclaycard?

We’re actually a perfect match. Both our brands are well established in our fields. And we’re trusted. At Mondaine, we unite form, function and invention. Barclaycard has a similar ethos for innovation - they want to make it easier for buyers to buy. For us, we get to introduce our Swiss-made, classical timepieces to a wider audience, and Barclaycard have given shoppers another easy way to pay.

You could have worked with a number of FinTech companies or another bank. What made Barclaycard stand out to you?

Barclaycard was always our number one choice. Apart from the obvious market-leading credentials of Barclaycard, the chemistry between each of our teams was just as important to us being a family-run business. Since the word ‘go’, the people behind the scenes have made this partnership seamless. For that we’re incredibly grateful, and look forward to our continued success.

What was it like, working with a big company?

Well, it didn’t feel like we were working with a large bank, to start with. It’s difficult to get that rare combination of global reach with a personal and sincere touch, but Barclaycard succeeded. From the start it was very clear that this was an equal partnership, with each brand gently guiding each other through their various markets. The whole thing has been incredibly efficient, fast and focused.

You chose specific watches to launch with Loop. Why did you want to power up those particular watches with bPay technology?

We choose the Mondaine Evo Big Date watch as the launch hero product for Loop because it is one of our most popular unisex watch models. For over 30 years, Mondaine’s Swiss Railway clock watch face has been seen as a design classic. It’s discreet, stylish and has a forward-thinking touch. We think customers will find the bPay tech a winning combination.

Who do you see buying these watches?

Our products are for those who want simple, elegant timepieces that are fit for purpose. From creatives to executives, young and old, the unisex collection offers everyone a contemporary, efficient, payment tool in just one watch.

What’s next for Mondaine?

We want to inspire other iconic inventions. And we’ll definitely continue to bring our Swiss manufacturing and design credentials to the smart watch/wearable space.

Anything we should look out for in the watch industry?

Our industry is all about craftsmanship. It’ll continue to design timeless classics, but with the emergence today of useful, wearable technology, I think there will be an explosion of timepieces to fit all areas of modern life.

Find out more about Mondaine and bPay loop here.