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Barclaycard and Garmin make a fitting partnership

Barclaycard has always been a business of firsts, from the first credit card to introducing Chip and PIN and kick-starting contactless in the UK. Now, we’ve set our sights on wearables with our new product - bPay loop.

The bPay system is a secure digital wallet that lets you make contactless payments up to £30. bPay loop the latest addition to the bPay family, is a discreet case housing a contactless chip, giving our customers the freedom to turn their existing watch or wearable into a way to pay.

This solution was a perfect fit for renowned activity tracker and smartwatch brand Garmin, who have developed a customised range of wearable fitness technology with bPay loop included.

We chat to Gail Cook, Head of Marketing for Garmin, to find out more about this exciting collaboration. 

Gail Cook

Hi Gail. What was your role in this partnership?

The part I played was really varied! Mainly, I’ve been focused on working with my team and with Barclaycard, to develop and implement the market strategy for the launch of bPay loop. My job is different every day. One day I could be working on a photo shoot with one of our sponsored athletes, and the next I could be getting ready for an event with one of our retailers. I love the work. It’s fast paced, the team is great and I’m extremely proud of the products we take to market. Garmin has been around for over 25 years in many industries including automotive, aviation, marine and, of course, wellness. And we’ve got a wide range of products that are compatible with bPay loop, from activity trackers and smart watches to running and golf watches. 

Garmin watch

What made you want to get into the payments space?

From aviation to automotive markets, Garmin have a long history when it comes to technology. We’ve noticed that the importance of and demand for wearables has increased dramatically in recent years. We invest heavily in R&D (research and development) and listen to customer feedback. Now we have products that allow users to monitor what they’re doing 24/7, from GPS tech to monitoring heart rates on the wrist. bPay loop was a logical addition to our product. Allowing customers to be even more connected, with the compatibility of contactless, is something that Garmin are excited to be able to offer.

Why did you choose to partner with Barclaycard, and what was it like to work with us?

Barclaycard is such an exciting business to work with. Like Garmin, they have a passion for developing innovative products and want to make customers’ lives more connected and more convenient. We’re both really experienced. Since 2003, we’ve launched over 55 wearable devices, while Barclaycard have 50 years’ experience and delved into the wearable space with bPay in 2012, so together we can really make a mark. Although we operate in very different industries, it’s been really interesting to face new ways of working and to maximise this opportunity.

Who do you see buying the products you’ve enhanced with bPay technology?

The beauty of the partnership between Barclaycard and Garmin is that it appeals to so many different audiences. If you’re into golfing, paddle boarding, hiking, skiing or any activity, our products suit! It’s all about connectivity. More and more, it’s becoming a part of our daily lives. And at Garmin, it’s our job to recognise the areas where we can innovate and develop our products as a team to make our customers lives easier. 

Find out more about Garmin and bPay loop here.