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Making a positive impact

And we’re not just talking about making a financial contribution – it goes way beyond that - even though as a group, we invested £250m into community programmes globally between 2012 and 2015.

For many projects, time is crucial, so we make sure our employees have flexibility during their working week to put their skills and expertise to good use by volunteering locally.

In 2015, more than 69% of our colleagues supported our local communities through volunteering or fundraising, helping to support vital projects and raise over £2m for charities.

Posing after a charity event

Helping young people achieve their goals

We’re only too aware of the challenges and high unemployment faced by young people around the world. So our community activity has been developed around the skills we have as a business – our programmes are designed to give people the support and skills they need to help them achieve financial independence and security.

We partner with community organisations, charities and social enterprises – local people who can help us understand local needs and ensure that the right support gets to the people who need it, in their own communities.

Our projects are designed to equip young people with vital skills, and give them an understanding of enterprise and finance.

These life skills will help them manage their finances, avoid debt, plan for the future and achieve their goals, whether that’s setting up their own business or enhancing their job prospects.

Charity picnic

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