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Our vision

The payments industry is thriving, with new players constantly emerging, but we are part of a handful of payment providers who work on both sides of the transaction equation. We help merchants sell and customers buy; and that’s the secret to our success. It’s why we have been at the heart of global commerce for 50 years.

Today, we aspire to be the most recommended brand to help customers buy and clients sell, every day. By building on our success, we want to give our customers and merchants the choice and freedom to pay their own way.

Contactless Terminal

A changing landscape

We’re pursuing this goal at a time of unprecedented change. Across the industry, evolving customer needs, tightened regulation, technological innovation and fresh competition have fundamentally changed the landscape. Omni-channel has never been so important. With so many payment touch points, it’s important every single interaction, with both customers and clients, is convenient, simple and speedy.

Buyers are looking for new ways to pay online via mobile and tablet, sellers are engaging their customers’ in-store, online and on the move. We focus on the 360-degree view. So we create a win/win/win for our consumers, retailers and service providers so we remain the payments provider of choice.

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Aiming high

It all started back in 1966 when we launched the UK’s first credit card. And we haven’t stopped innovating since. Payments have changed - it’s not just about credit cards. It’s about payment innovation – from contactless to wearables to mobile apps like Contactless Mobile. And it’s about our sellers – who can take payments wherever they are with Barclaycard Anywhere. We will to be the first in lead. And we’ll never stop looking for new ways to bring buyers and sellers closer together.

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